2010 Exhibition « Histoire idéale de la mode contemporaine Vol I - 1970-1980 » at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, of Paris (April 1st to October 10th) - visit EXPO above 2009 Doctor honoris causa of the China Academy of Art 2008 – 2009 Advisor for Max Mara Group : MARINA RINALDI Advisor for Italian and Japanese brands 2007 Creator for MADELEINE VIONNET 2002 – 2006 Creator for CESARE PIACIOTTI 1999 – 2002 Creator for FERRAGAMO Creation of a fashion image through clothing and accessories of the label (re-creation of a shoes vocabulary) 1997 – 1998 Creator for FENDI Creation of a concept and label positioning book (fur and accessories: creation of the Baguette bag) 1996 – 1998 Creator for TRUSSARDI Reintroduction of the sportswear in the fashion (action 1996). Creation of a concept and image book (creative marketing and positioning) for fashion, accessories, publicity, communication and boutique architecture Adviser of Nicola TRUSSARDI 1991 – 1996 Creator for PRADA Advisor of Patrizio BERTELLI. PRADA , thanks to Marc AUDIBET, becomes leader of the luxury through the fashion, the accessories and the image which he created for the brand (return of the City-Girl Minimalism). +50% turnover 1990 – 1997 Creator for HERMES 1987 – 1989 Advisor for Dupont de Nemours Creation of the "Stretch"’s fashion 1984 – 1988 Creator of 9 collections - label « MARC AUDIBET ». Between 1982 and 1985, creation of mono then bi-extensible "Stretch" fabrics for his collections, highly technical fabrics which mix Lycra (Dupont de Nemours) with silk, wool, cotton, acetates, etc, with knitwear, jersey and velvet to create a fashion associating comfort to the attitude of a released body and gesture. A sophisticated style which links the idea of the sport to the spirit of the couture. Conceptual work on the essence and the minimalism, thought on a modern idea of elegance and theatricality. 1982 – 1985 Textile research on the bias and extensibility in chain and weaves 1981 – 1995 Creator of the label ENNIEME for Renown Look Group, Tokyo (1987 turnover : 30M€) which has met international succes thanks the washed silk. 1978 – 1986 Designer and creator for BASILE , BIAGGIOTI , TRUSSARDI , BALMAIN , MADAME GRES couture RTW., TOUCHE ( creation of the washed silk ) 1976 Creator of men then women CERRUTI ’s fashion Design of the « career woman » of the Eighties 1971 Haute couture assistant of Emanuel UNGARO Penninghen and Andon’s school - Decorative Arts
The invention of stretch Marc Audibet is not only a well-known fashion designer he is also the father of the stretch fabric, considered to be one of the most important development in fashion in the 1980s. In 1985, after 3 years of close cooperation, Marc Audibet became textile advisor to the American fabric and Fibre Company DU PONT in an industrial project aims to mix LYCRA® with fabrics such as linen, cotton and silk. The result of their research was single and two-way stretch fabrics made from Du Pont's LYCRA® that revolutionized the industry.
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A career dedicated to creation and Brand Building Marc Audibet is a French fashion and industrial designer considered as one of the most talented of his generation. His expertise was acquired while working as an Assistant to Emanuel UNGARO , and as a designer for BALMAIN and GRES . His first great achievement was with CERRUTI for which he established the men’s collection and greatly developed the image of the women’s collection (creation of the “working woman”style). From 1981 to 1984, he designed men’s and women’s ready-to-wear for BASILE, and knitting goods and cashmeres for LAURA BIAGIOTTI. In 1984, Marc Audibet launched its own label " MARC AUDIBET " praised by the international press for his inventiveness. In the nineties, Marc Audibet worked as a Creator for HERMES during 7 years. He had also stayed at PRADA where he was credited with helping to position the brand as a luxury leader during the 1990s, one of his most enduring accomplishments. After PRADA , he became a design consultant of Italian Houses of TRUSSARDI and FENDI . In 1999 Marc. Audibet was designated creative director of FERRAGAMO until 2002. From 2002 to 2006, he had been the designer of the famous Italian shoes maker CESARE PACIOTTI . Since then, Marc Audibet has used his talent and expertise as a design consultant for luxury brands such as MAX MARA or KRIZIA and industrial clothing companies in Japan and in Italy.
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